March 23, 2023

Uber Eats 101 Guide: What Your Australia Restaurant Needs to Know

  • Free drink or dessert with orders over a particular amount

While you can make use of these common deals, it’s also worth trying to think outside the box and come up with unique discounts that get people talking as word of mouth spreads fast. 

Integrate Uber Eats with your POS system

Since Uber Eats can be integrated with many POS systems, it’s worth adopting this if possible as it will streamline your entire business operations. You can automatically accept oUber Eats is one of the biggest food delivery powerhouses in the world, having grown considerably since the shift in people’s eating habits over the past few years. Stemming from the global pandemic that resulted in many b eing forced to stay at home, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for online food deliveries. As one of the major players in the market, Uber Eats naturally benefited from this and further established its authoritative reputation in the industry. With the number of customers utilising food delivery services set to rise from 6.6 million in 2022 to 7.5 million in 2023, the sector is only set to get more lucrative, especially taking into account that revenue is set to hit US$10.1 billion this year. 

It’s clear as day for any restaurant owner in Australia that they could be sitting on a goldmine if they put all the necessary pieces in place and start grabbing a bigger share of the market. They will also be fully aware that one of the best ways to attain great success is by dominating food delivery apps. If you are new to the F&B industry, you might not know the tricks of the trade. Worry not, for we at Chef Collective have amassed an all-you-need-to-know Uber Eats 101 guide to help you on your journey to food stardom. 

How it all works

Uber Eats is the go-to food delivery app for many Australians as they can search for and order any type of cuisine they are in the mood for. Once you join the plethora of diverse restaurants that can be found on the app, the method of receiving and fulfilling orders can be summarised in three simple steps. 

  1. Customers place an order through the Uber Eats app or website
  2. Your restaurant accepts the order and subsequently starts preparing the food
  3. Once everything is ready, an Uber Eats driver will collect the order and deliver it to the customer 

Those placing the order can track the progress of their food and even get real-time updates on where the delivery driver is. 

The registration process 

If you are new to Uber Eats, our 101 guide will take you through the process of getting set up so that you are ready to rock and roll in no time. 

  1. Click on
  2. Complete the form by entering your restaurant’s name, address, contact information, etc. 
  3. Upload your menu
  4. Access the Restaurant Dashboard and get started

It is possible to gain a lot of success through Uber Eats, but you will need to stand out from the competition. On top of that, it depends whether your type of cuisine is highly available in the local area or if it’s under-represented. 

Payment plans and fees

Uber Eats does have a number of different payment plans for restaurants, with the commission fee charged varying between each one. 

Lite plan

This is the lowest-cost plan available, but it should be noted that it is mainly geared towards businesses that already have an established reputation. Furthermore, customers have to actually search for the name of your eatery to find you in the Uber Eats App. 

Delivery orders – 15% fee

Pickup orders – 6% fee

Plus Plan

Ideal for businesses who want to get their name out there. Under this plan, your restaurant will appear on the Uber Eats’s home screen and in the search results too.

Delivery order – 25% fee

Pickup orders – 6% fee

Premium plan

The perfect plan for F&B businesses that really want to cement their reputation and expand their reach to a massive customer base. This plan will ensure you appear higher up on the home screen and the search results. On top of this, if you fail to get at least 25 orders, you pay 0% in fees. Furthermore, Uber Eats will match your Uber ad expenditure, capped at $100 per month. 

Delivery orders – 30% fee

Pickup orders – 6% fee


If you have your own delivery fleet, you can opt for this plan. However, there will still be a 15% fee for every self-delivered order you fulfil. 

When do you get paid?

Regardless of the plan you are on, payments will be made to your business bank account on a weekly basis through direct deposit. It is worth noting that if orders get cancelled after you have already prepared the food, you will still get paid for it. 

How to rank higher on the Uber Eats app?

Competition is rife on Uber Eats as numerous restaurants are trying to achieve the exact same thing you want – unparalleled success. So, how do you climb to the summit and see off all your rivals? Well, the next stop in our 101 guide will outline some easy steps you can take to stay at the top of the rankings on Uber Eats. 

Deliver quicker

One of people’s pet peeves when ordering food is the amount of time they have to wait before they can sink their teeth into something delicious and nourishing. If you are able to speed up your prep and delivery time, while still maintaining the highest quality, you will see a boost in orders and your restaurant will become more prominent on the Uber Eats app and website. 

Conversion is key

If you have a lot of people looking at your menu, that’s great. But, the true sign of success is converting them into customers and getting them to order from you instead of one of your competitors. If you are not getting orders coming through despite having attracted a lot of views, it might be time to spice up your menu, along with the product descriptions and photos you use. It’s also worth taking a look at your prices and seeing whether they are too low or high in comparison to the businesses you are competing against. 

It’s all about efficiency

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to reaching the highest heights on food delivery apps. That being said, it’s also important to accept orders immediately when they come through or you might risk losing that customer forever. Also, be sure to do everything possible not to cancel orders or make mistakes as this can earn your restaurant a lot of negative publicity. If you play all your cards right, you will see a huge increase in positive customer feedback and subsequently soar up the rankings. 

Aim to be a Top Pick

Uber Eats has a “Top Picks” or “Featured” carousel on its app and it is crucial that you aim to get your eatery featured there. Just note that it is usually broken down into a few categories, including: 

  • Recommended dishes
  • Popular near you
  • When you’re hungry now

Discounts and promotions

Everybody loves discounts and special deals, which is why your restaurant should utilise them to generate a ton of hype. Some of the best promotions you can use include: 

  • Buy one, get one free (BOGOF)
  • $5 off your first order
  • Free delivery for orders over a certain amount

rders and send them directly to your POS system, saving you a ton of time and hassle. 

What makes CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen providers like Chef Collective stand out is the fact that our food technology allows businesses to view all orders on a single tablet, regardless of how many food delivery platforms they have partnered with. 

Take an Uber to your ultimate destination

Given its popularity and the ever-increasing customer base, Uber Eats provides the perfect launching pad for restaurants to achieve great success, especially when armed with our useful 101 guide. If you do everything right, the old adage of “the sky’s the limit” rings true. 

Interested in starting your own CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen business in Australia? Fill out the form below or reach out to us today. 

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