Dark kitchens: The future of food delivery restaurants

Dark kitchens were an idea with much promise and are now gaining steam and becoming increasingly available throughout Australia. Read more online or come in and see for yourself what they’re all about. Schedule a tour today.

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The delivery market in Australia

The food delivery market in Australia is expected to grow from $43B in 2017 to $76B by 2022. Changing consumer habits and the pandemic have driven this shift, but restaurants are struggling to adapt. Our CloudKitchens™ dark kitchen solutions are designed to help restaurants in Australia with progressive ideas grow and scale under this new norm.


Hearing is believing

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We've done the research and found densely populated locations throughout Australia with high food delivery frequency. Optimised for seamless courier pick-ups, our dark kitchen locations streamline the delivery process from start to finish. This way, you save time that you can invest in perfecting your food and various business ideas without having to worry about the logistics.

Software that brings it all together

As a CloudKitchens™ dark kitchen supplier in Australia, we have a strong idea and understanding of what it takes to make a restaurant successful. Our software provides valuable tools and insights to help manage your business, predict demand, increase the return on your menus, and much more.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a dark kitchen?

Dark kitchens are commercial cooking facilities where F&B businesses make food mainly for takeaway or delivery, without a storefront. Dark kitchens have surged in popularity in Australia as new F&B business owners search for a cost-effective solution to build on their restaurant ideas, while eateries that are already in existence can make inroads into new markets and maximise profits.

How does a dark kitchen business model work?

Restaurants operating in dark kitchens mainly focus on delivery or takeout sales. The idea is when customers place an order online via a delivery app, the dark kitchen operators will prepare the food before it is passed off to one of the many food delivery platforms in Australia, such as Uber Eats, Menulog, and Deliveroo. Businesses cooking in kitchen facilities owned by Chef Collective will have all their orders come through on one single app or tablet, even if they come through various food delivery service providers.

Where are the dark kitchens located?

Chef Collective’s dark kitchen facilities are strategically located in two of Australia’s major cities - Melbourne and Brisbane. The locations our Chef Collective's kitchens are in have plenty of foot traffic and get a high number of online orders weekly.

How much does it cost to rent a dark kitchen?

The dark kitchens Chef Collective has available vary in size, which means the price of renting one will range from $2500 AUD to $5000 AUD. Speak to our kitchen specialist to find out more.

What is the average size of a dark kitchen?

The average size of a dark kitchen in Australia is about 16 to 25 sqm, while traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants are 200 sqm. With a more efficient working space, F&B operators pay less upfront and reduce monthly operational costs in order to focus on their grand food ideas.

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