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The food industry is in a period of transition. Join Chef Collective at the forefront of F&B innovation and change as we develop and promote the use of delivery-focused central kitchens across Australia.

At this point, you might be asking “why would anyone want delivery-only central kitchens?” – and it’s a good question.

Spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic and changing eating habits, more and more people are using food delivery services. Here in Australia, the market has grown from $43b in 2017 to an expected $76b by 2022.

This represents an unmatched opportunity for those in the F&B industry looking to scale and grow their businesses. With 29 central kitchen unit spaces in our Cambridge street location and many more on the horizon, we’re here to help.

Delivery-focused central kitchens in strategic locations across Australia

We are a group of F&B industry experts committed to seeing the industry flourish, succeed and adapt. Chef Collective itself thrives on helping F&B businesses like yours find success in the modern world. We provide you with all the tools and infrastructure you need to grow and scale your business, find new customers and adapt to a changing landscape better than ever before.

Our central kitchen solutions are designed for one sole purpose: to fulfill as many orders as possible without being dragged down with all the time-consuming inefficiencies of a traditional restaurant outlet.

Where does Chef Collective come in?

Plenty of successful yet small-scale restaurant businesses struggle to expand. They can sustainably run one, or maybe two, brick and mortar restaurants – but when it comes to opening more at an ideal rate, they struggle to be able to cover extortionate upfront costs, pay the salaries of the countless front of house staff needed and much more.

As a central kitchen supplier here in Australia, all our kitchen spaces are turnkey solutions to the delivery boom. We handle all the logistical complications, construction work, organize couriers and much more. All you need to do is move in and focus on fulfilling as many orders as you receive.

We also have a team of growth specialists ready to provide advice and help where needed. Their goal is to optimize your delivery-only restaurant and grow your sales whilst remaining as cost-efficient as possible.

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