Delivery optimised kitchens: The smartest way to grow your business online

Online food delivery is here to stay. Open a delivery optimised kitchen that allows you to scale your delivery business at a fraction of the cost with ChefCollective.


What are delivery optimised kitchens?

CloudKitchens® (dark kitchens or ghost kitchens) are kitchens dedicated to servicing online food delivery. Unlike traditional commercial kitchens, ChefCollective locations are fully optimised for food prep and order fulfilment, requiring minimal kitchen staff and investment.

What we offer

Why open a delivery kitchen with ChefCollective?

Australia's restaurant food delivery market is booming, continuing to offer exciting opportunities for restaurants to expand their reach and revenue. However, operating on delivery platforms can present challenges. Our dark kitchens are designed to help you navigate this growing market, streamlining your operations, reducing overhead costs, and connecting you with more customers.

Flexible terms & spaces

ChefCollective offers flexible kitchen spaces ranging from 15 to 150 sqm. Say goodbye to 5-year contracts. ChefCollective offers you peace of mind with terms starting from 12 months.

Lower upfront & operational costs

Start your business with minimal upfront investment and be fully operational within weeks. Avoid the uncertainty, and high costs associated with maintenance of traditional brick-and-mortar sites.

Operate multiple brands from one kitchen

Add new revenue streams with multiple brands and platforms to reach more customers. Same kitchen, same staff, just more online visibility.

Turn-key solutions

ChefCollective kitchens are designed for plug-and-play convenience. Our sites feature ample fridge, freezer, and dry storage on-site. Simply bring in your preferred equipment and start cooking.

Test your concept with low risk

With 55 kitchens across Melbourne and Brisbane, our flexible terms allow you to test new concepts, revenue steams and new markets while minimising risk.

New customers at your fingertips

Our kitchen spaces are located in densly populated areas with some of the highest delivery order volumes, so you can reach more customers online.

Facilities in all the right places

Our growing number of locations have been carefully selected to give you great access links to the city and beyond.


Delivery kitchens for growing food businesses

Our flexible, well-equipped spaces provide the perfect environment for launching new restaurant ventures or expanding your existing reach through online delivery platforms. With ChefCollective, you'll find the ideal balance of support, resources, and opportunity to help your business thrive.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between a cloud/dark/ghost kitchen?

Cloud kitchens, dark kitchens and ghost kitchen are often used interchangeably and all refer to commercial kitchens that operate without a physical storefront for dine-in customers. This makes them ideal for businesses looking to prioritise delivery or separate their customer-facing experience from their takeaway business. Cloud kitchens can be ideal for existing restaurants looking to expand their delivery offerings or new restaurants that want to start with a lower initial investment.

How does a cloud kitchen offer me more flexibility?

A cloud kitchen is the ultimate strategy for any restaurant business that wants to adapt to changing market conditions and customer preferences. Flexibility is achieved through several characteristics. Firstly, shorter lease times mean you are never stuck with a location that simply is not working for your brand or desperately needs up or downsizing. Secondly, working with an operator like ChefCollective means scaling up and down is as simple as letting our team know. Since we handle all the logistics, setup times are reduced to weeks rather than months. This affords you the flexibility you need to maximise profit margins and find success.

How will opening delivery-kitchen drive growth for my restaurant business?

The F&B business game has changed, and delivery is here to stay. Traditional restaurants catered towards dine-in customers are often unable to deal with the influx of delivery orders, all while seats are left empty. The delivery-kitchen model is geared towards this systematic change and will help boost profit margins by finding new customers and reducing costs. You can also leverage the data and insights from your cloud kitchen to optimise your menu, pricing, and marketing strategies.

How do I know where to open a cloudkitchen?

Finding the right location is one of the most important parts of running a successful F&B business. If you decide to open a cloud kitchen with ChefCollective, the hard work has already been done for you. Our team of researchers have analysed neighbourhoods in Australia’s top cities to find the most profitable spots, meaning all you need to do is talk to a member of our team to find a location with demand for your cuisine.

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