Why swap to a cloud kitchen?


Despite being a relatively new concept, cloud kitchens have already established themselves as an F&B industry marvel.

In short, cloud kitchens are a branch of a restaurant that offers delivery services only. Sometimes referred to as ‘ghost kitchens’, ‘dark kitchens’ or even ‘virtual kitchens’, these are making growth far more accessible thanks to lower real estate and operational costs along with a new customer base for eateries to explore.

What was once a tedious, time consuming and troublesome process, expanding your F&B business to new locations is now an entirely achievable goal for many more brands. Here are the top 6 reasons why this is the case:

Lower upfront and operational costs

One of the biggest benefits of cloud kitchens is that they are simply cheaper to operate: both opening new venues and running existing ones. Moving into one of our cloud kitchens in Australia is as simple as checking into a hotel: everything is pre-fitted, prepared and ready to go. This way, you can avoid the time and cost it takes to spending immeasurable amounts on building out a brick and mortar restaurant. On top of this, running the place will be cheaper without having to worry about any front of house responsibilities.

More customers, quicker turnaround

Being delivery only, you’ll open up your brand to a whole new pool of people you previously couldn’t cater to. The delivery industry is booming, and cloud kitchen solutions are the best way to keep up with it. Our cloud kitchens are in highly populated areas where plenty of hungry city-dwellers are always on the lookout for a new delivery spot.

Flexible and scalable

Outgrowing your restaurant space: the problems of a successful F&B business. With cloud kitchen solutions from Chef Collective, this is never an issue. Scaling is made flexible and easy so you can size up or down as your business evolves. With cloud kitchens, you won’t have to worry about extortionate moving costs, finding suppliers for new facilities or equipment or anything else.

Easy setup

There’s no need to handle time-consuming logistical issues or find suppliers for equipment and installation with a cloud kitchen. Simply walk in and hit the ground running with your new delivery-only location.

Lower employee costs

With a greater focus on delivery, you won’t need to pay the salaries for waiters, bartenders or , front of house managers and more. With a cloud kitchen solution like ours, you can spend more resources on what really matters: fulfilling orders and growing your delivery business.

A team at your back

As we handle all the logistical elements of your cloud kitchen in Australia, you won’t need to worry about handing off your orders to couriers. Our team will scan and track each order to make sure everything runs smoothly and without hiccups.

We also have a business team ready to support you and help optimize your cloud kitchen setup when it comes to finding the right supplier or remaining as cost-efficient as possible. After all, success for you is success for us.

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