September 23, 2022

Food Delivery Apps: 10 Ways to Get Your Australian Restaurant Noticed


Online food delivery apps have risen to prominence over the last few years due to the unprecedented times brought upon people worldwide by Covid-19. Australia has seen this particular industry skyrocket in popularity, with revenue set to reach US$2.15 billion this year. In five years, the sector will be worth US$3.17 billion, with 9.5 million people ordering food online through the many food delivery apps available in the country. 

While it is a no-brainer why your restaurant or CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen should be on every one of those food delivery apps, it is difficult to make your name known in a sea of competitors. That being said, we at Chef Collective have prepared 10 tips you can use to enhance your eatery’s presence. 

  1. A name to remember
  2. Menu moniker
  3. Pick the right categories
  4. Appetising pictures
  5. Attractive promotions
  6. Superb ratings
  7. Striking images
  8. Combos and sets for the masses
  9. Wide range of prices
  10. Utilise the decoy effect

1. A name to remember

name to remember

When customers order food online, one of the first things they will see is the name of your restaurant or CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen. Therefore, it is imperative to have a moniker that is instantly recognisable and memorable. 

What many F&B businesses also do is add the type of food they serve to ensure patrons know exactly what they specialise in. For example, if your restaurant whips up a mean burger, you may add burger shack after your establishment’s name. This also goes a long way when it comes to search engine optimisation as many customers will be hungry for burgers every day, and thus, it increases the chances of them finding your business. If many of these people end up ordering food online from your eatery, your profits will begin to soar to unimaginable heights.

2. Menu moniker


All restaurants and CloudKitchen® delivery kitchens love showing off the scrumptious dishes they serve. One of the best ways to get your F&B business noticed on food delivery apps is to add the name of items on your menu after the name of your establishment. Let’s say one of your signature dishes is a juicy chicken burger, be sure to add that after the name of your restaurant. 

You may be wondering why this needs to be done. Simply put, it will increase your chances of being discovered by a wider customer base who may be looking for that specific dish when ordering food online. 

3. Pick the right categories

right categories on food delivery apps

People regularly order food online and use categories when searching for something to eat. This can boil down to the type of cuisine or a particular dish they are really craving. Since many people utilise this method, you should clearly indicate what type of food your restaurant or CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen serves, be it Indian, Greek, or Italian cuisine. 

You can even take the categories one step further and state that you serve healthy or vegan food. This also applies to eateries that combine influences from different countries, such as Italian and Spanish food. 

4. Appetising pictures


One of the best ways to entice people to order from your restaurant when they are ordering food online is to ensure the main image you use stands out and reels them in for a look at the menu. Be sure to use a clearly visible authentic photo instead of a stock one. Graphics and text should be avoided unless it is to do with the name of your business. 

5. Attractive promotions

attractive promotions

Many of the top food delivery platforms use promotions to encourage more customers to order from the app. When this happens, you have to implement your own promotion or a discount of some kind to lure diners into tasting your food. 

Make use of promotions for holidays, special occasions and milestones. If done right, you will have a steady stream of orders from a loyal customer base. 

6. Superb ratings

When ordering food online, many customers will view a restaurant’s rating before deciding whether to place an order. This is also true for those who are recommended to try the food from a particular eatery. They may want further information and may check out the ratings and reviews left by other patrons. 

Ultimately, there are a few things that can affect your rating on food delivery apps and sway a customer’s decision to order from your establishment. These include: 

  • Customer rating
  • Reorder rating
  • New customer orders
  • Profile completion
  • Order completion
  • Promo participation

7. Striking images


When uploading any photos of your menu, it is vital that they are taken by a professional who can make your food look mouth-wateringly good. This will surely encourage people looking for great food when ordering online to pick your F&B business. There are plenty of food photographers who can accomplish this, so it’s all about finding the right one. 

8. Combos and sets for the masses

combos of different sizes on food delivery apps

A lot of customers out there might be preparing for a party or a family gathering that might require them to place large orders. In order to cater to their needs, you should offer combos and sets of varying sizes. Be sure to add what dishes are included and even an estimate of the number of people it can feed. 

9. Wide range of prices

It is imperative to keep in mind that people in different neighbourhoods won’t have the same purchasing power. As a result, you should have a range of low, medium and high-priced dishes on your menu so that everyone ordering food online has a choice. However, every item in those three categories must pack a punch and leave your diners returning for more. 

10. Utilise the decoy effect

Source: lifemathmoney

This is a strategy utilised by many restaurants and CloudKitchen® delivery kitchens. It entails making customers mull over whether they want to order a small or large portion of a particular dish. Most of the time, many will opt for the medium portion when ordering food online as they believe it will be the perfect size for them and cost-effective too. 

Make your name known

With so many people ordering food online daily, these tips can help you grab their attention and encourage them to pick your restaurant or CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen instead of your competitors. You will be sitting on a goldmine if you succeed in accomplishing this! 

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