April 29, 2022

5 Fresh Restaurant Menu Ideas


Since the F&B industry is so competitive, restaurants must constantly implement creative ways to stand out in this crowded space. As a restaurant owner, one of your main business goals is to attract new customers and convert them into frequent diners that become ambassadors for your eatery, and surely, you also know that this is no easy feat. When looking for ways to achieve this goal, one of the best tactics is to have a standout menu that really attracts and persuades a wide range of customers, but how? We’re here to answer that question and help you revamp your restaurant’s menu with these 5 ideas.

What Australia’s F&B industry looks like

Before diving into these five new menu ideas for your restaurant, let’s have a look at the state of the F&B industry in Australia, which accounts for 32% of the country’s manufacturing sector. In 2019, the food and beverage, grocery and fresh produce sector were valued at $122 billion – composed of 15,000 businesses of all sizes employing over 273,000 people.

It’s clear that this sector is huge, and all restaurants in this space face fierce competition. That’s why tackling a menu revamp that gets people excited (and hungry) is an ideal place to start. 

#1. Highlight your winning dishes with standout photography


As the popular adage says: You eat with your eyes first.

There’s no better way to get customers’ mouths watering than with top-notch photography that does your food justice.

For example, if a signature dish at your restaurant or CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen is a local favourite – like savoury meat pies or a tender lamb leg roast – the quickest way to jumpstart a customer’s craving and persuade them to place an order is with an appetising image. This means investing in professional photography that properly captures the food’s true essence with proper lighting and staging, so it’s important not to skimp out on this step!

#2. Make a good first impression


The reality is that if your restaurant’s menu doesn’t look attractive at first glance, your customers won’t order again. That’s why it’s vital to perfect every detail of your CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen menu – from the colour scheme, layout, design, menu items and imagery – to create an overall winning look. According to a Gallup poll, readers scan menus in about 109 seconds. This means that your restaurant has less than two minutes to create a positive first impression. Keep in mind that customers tend to focus on the first and last items of a menu with a vertical layout, so be sure to place your best-selling dishes in these areas if you choose this menu design.

#3. Colour your customers impressed


Having a balanced colour scheme is an effective way to ensure you have a well-designed, attractive menu. This could mean implementing a bold colour scheme that pops but also isn’t too overwhelming for customers to navigate. Try to stay away from overly contrasting or bland colours that customers will find off-putting.

Adopting new colours or a theme that naturally communicates the type of cuisine that your restaurant specialises in is another clever design idea when revamping your restaurant’s menu. For example, if you serve vegan food, a colour palette that includes white and shades of green is a logical choice. The trick is to blend these colours in a way that creates a menu that’s aesthetically pleasing and results in a memorable, positive customer experience.

#4. Pump up your description

Customers rely on food descriptions to learn more about a menu item that catches their eye. This is your opportunity to really sell them on the dish, which is why descriptive language is so key. Analyse your titles and description and evaluate how effectively they work up an appetite.

To make your restaurant menu persuasive, descriptive words and buzzwords make a difference as they can provide a fresh and innovative spark to hype up certain dishes and convince customers to order them. Consider using terms like “fresh”, “homemade”, “tender”, or “artisanal” that appeal to their minds and boost their appetites.

#5. Highlight classics and seasonal offerings

Everyone loves classic dishes in some form or another. Most restaurants benefit from offering traditional favourites on their menu. If they’re not part of your current offerings, including an old-school classic item or two is a new idea to consider adding to your revamped menu.

Another effective approach is updating your menu to highlight seasonal dishes and specials that pique customers’ interests and keep them coming back. It’s usually best to stick with timeless favourites, but feel free to add your own twist that offers diners a unique experience that they’ll remember. This also encourages them to recommend your restaurant to family and friends and even spread the word on social media.

Food for thought

It’s essential to have a restaurant menu that looks good, reads well, and communicates the quality and professionalism of your eatery. Your diners’ experience starts with the menu and is your restaurant’s CloudKitchens® kitchen restaurant’s primary selling tool, so this is where you want to make a lasting impression.

By doing so, you’ll reap the rewards of gaining loyal customers and attracting new and repeat business. Remember, the way to win your customer’s hearts is through their stomach!

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