April 15, 2022

Chef Collective customer spotlight: PK Bros

When talking about Brisbane’s restaurant scene, we usually mention the famous Western restaurants, delis and local bars. But today, we’re shining the spotlight at one of the most unique Vietnamese-ish virtual restaurant in Brisbane. Founded by two young Vietnamese-Australian brothers looking to share a taste of their childhood memories, you’ll be treated to some delicious and authentic Vietnamese cuisines such as Braised Pork Belli, Pork Hock, Banh Mi, Mushroom Baos and a whole lot more! Here’s what PK Bros founders – Allen Lee and Kevin Lee have to say about starting their F&B business with a dark kitchen and why they would recommend it to other restaurateurs in Australia.

Q: How did your food idea come about?


A: Sharing food was a massive part of our childhood, from traditional anniversaries to family night dinners – sharing dishes that our Ba Ngoai (Grandmother) whipped up is what we grew up with and is still a regular occurrence! This is what our menu was inspired by and we have many more surprises to come.

Q: Why did you join the Chef Collective?


A: We wanted to open a restaurant without the large upfront cost. We found the concept of virtual restaurants online and saw great potential of that idea. The benefits that Chef Collective could deliver made it a no brainer.

Q: How has your business grown since starting with Chef Collective?


A: PK Bros is still in its early days, but we have already grown quite quickly with the support of the Chef Collective team.

Q: How has your business changed after adopting a dark kitchen?

A: Before we joined Chef Collective, our operation required us to book commercial kitchens to prepare ready-made meals for our online business. These kitchens were poorly equipped, unreliable and quite expensive. Our business now is streamlined, everything is simple and we have all the equipment along with great support to operate. Our business has grown exceedingly since adopting the cloud kitchen concept.

Q: What is the key to business success in the F&B industry?

A: Consistency in the food and an excellent marketing strategy. The combination of the two along with an awesome team is an unstoppable force.

Q: What is your advice for new local F&B entrepreneurs?

A: Don’t be afraid, just take the leap and you won’t regret it!

Q: What are your brand plans for the future?


A: We will be looking to take PK Bros across Brisbane, widening our delivery circle and a physical restaurant.

Q: Would you recommend Chef Collective to other restaurants?

A: Yes! We highly recommend Chef Collective. They have an awesome onboarding team that consistently support the brands that work with them.

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