February 14, 2024

7 Strategies to Launch a Marketing Campaign for Restaurants

In Australia, the number of restaurants has been going up by almost 10% each year from 2019 to 2024. Now, there are 36,149 restaurants in Australia, which is 9.9% more than last year. If you have a restaurant or plan to start one, it’s important to find ways to stand out and get customers interested.

Discovering straightforward yet distinctive restaurant promotion concepts can captivate your customers and encourage their return. Let’s explore these ideas.

Social media strategies for restaurant promotion

Engage with customers on social media using these three impactful methods:

1. Organise contests and giveaways

In a competitive restaurant landscape, you can boost reservations by hosting regular contests. Encourage participants to follow, like, tag friends, and share on social media for increased online visibility. This cost-effective strategy enhances customer engagement, making it an effective way to build your social media following.

2. Ensure picture-perfect presentation

Craft an alluring visual experience on Instagram by displaying authentic, mouthwatering visuals. Utilise natural lighting, vibrant colours, captivating backdrops, and daily posts to maintain an engaging presence. Go beyond just showcasing dishes—highlight the essence of your restaurant, including the dining area, staff, bar, and kitchen. Enhance the customer experience with behind-the-scenes glimpses and live videos, providing an authentic taste of your restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere.

3. Celebrate customer stories

Unleash the power of customer voices for captivating social media content. Try hosting a photo contest, inviting diners to share their favourite meals. Reward winners with a complimentary drink or appetiser and showcase entries across social platforms. As your social presence flourishes, customers might naturally tag your restaurant in their pictures, lending an authentic and human touch to your brand. Encourage diners to share their experiences on social media using in-restaurant signs and a dedicated hashtag, ensuring broad brand promotion through heightened customer engagement.

Effective email marketing strategies

Build lasting relationships and interact with customers through impactful email marketing:

4. Embrace email marketing

Stay connected with customers through enticing emails featuring discounts, deals, and loyalty rewards. This powerful tool effectively communicates a range of messages, from restaurant updates to delectable specials. Loyalty programs not only boost sales but also simplify gathering customer emails. Prompt sign-ups through social media, website pop-ups, or eye-catching posters. Reward repeat visits with discounts or free desserts. As your email list grows, dive into an engaging campaign introducing more restaurant ideas:

Events: Exclusive announcements for themed nights and special menus.

Specials: Capture attention with periodic offers to entice regulars.

Discounts: Build loyalty with personalised discounts, including birthday surprises.

Updates: Keep loyal customers in the loop about exciting changes or events.

Advertising and marketing tactics

Combine paid and free advertising to expand reach and enhance existing strategies:

5. Supercharge social media with paid ads

Boost your social media impact with paid advertising, a potent tool for connecting with a broader audience and increasing engagement. In the ‘pay-to-play’ social media landscape, financially supporting your top-performing posts, especially promotions, and giveaways, ensures more likes, entries, shares, and comments, enhancing overall interaction. Tailor your investment strategy to fit your needs, whether it’s a brief boost for special weekend offers or a more substantial budget for longer promotions, providing flexibility for an effective expansion of your social media presence.

6. Enhance your visibility: optimise and maintain your “Google My Business” listing

Boost your visibility by optimising and maintaining your ‘Google My Business’ listing, succeeding Google+ Local. This free service from the search giant helps users easily discover your restaurant, particularly through on-the-go smartphone searches. Your listing prominently appears on searches, enhancing brand visibility, and includes details like your phone number, operating hours, and location, along with recent customer reviews. This user-friendly listing promotes your brand and boosts credibility. Consistency and regular updates ensure its accuracy and effectiveness.

7. Collaborate with influencers: leverage the impact of food bloggers and influencers

Invite food bloggers, providing incentives like discounts for honest reviews. This ethical strategy leverages influencers’ online followings, boosting bookings and driving traffic. It merges diverse online audiences effectively through influencer outreach. In promoting a restaurant campaign, trial and error offer valuable insights. Whether through email offers, social updates, or ads, tracking progress identifies successful efforts. Initial attempts vary in success but provide valuable insights. Evaluate deals, keywords, or hashtags generating buzz and adjust strategies based on customer preferences.

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