Grow Your Own Food Delivery Empire With Shared Kitchens

Shared kitchens offer a solution to F&B business owners looking to modernise.

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Growing trend in shared kitchen spaces

There’s a growing trend in the global F&B industry. Many of the more successful and savvy restaurant chains are growing at a surprisingly fast rate - and it’s because they’ve discovered a new way of running their kitchens with cooking studios. Delivery-focused kitchen spaces are helping restaurant businesses streamline just about every operation involved in their kitchen. Whether it be the size of your team, the number of orders you can fulfil, or how your space is utilised, shared kitchen spaces take efficiency to a whole new level.

As the kitchen equivalent of the sharing economy, the shared use of commercial kitchens - otherwise referred to as cloud, virtual, ghost & dark kitchens - offers the restaurant industry a chance to widen historically slim profit margins and operate a more efficient kitchen model. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the ability to cook for multiple brands within the same cooking studio space.


What makes shared kitchens better than brick-and-mortar restaurants

Dark Kitchen

Traditional Restaurant

Real Estate

Avoid paying huge rents for huge dine-in areas you don't need to operate.

Dark Kitchen



Traditional Restaurant




Work with a much smaller team while we provide onsite support staff to help you run more smoothly.

Dark Kitchen



Traditional Restaurant




We have a much smaller startup cost so you can start seeing profits and results faster.

Dark Kitchen


Traditional Restaurant


Weeks to launch

We'll handle all the complex construction, permits, and bureaucratic matters. Simply move in and start cooking.

Dark Kitchen



Traditional Restaurant



To break even

In a shared kitchen, it only takes 6 months with 10% profit margins on a $1M run rate to break even.

Dark Kitchen



Traditional Restaurant


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The word on the street

Kitchen Specs

Your shared kitchen made to order

No matter what kind of chef you are or what restaurant you run, we can provide a shared-use commercial kitchen that suits your specific needs. Each space is generously outfitted with everything you need to get started. Feel free to bring whatever equipment you already love and use, and we'll help you fit it into your dream kitchen and cooking studio space.


  • CCTV Monitored
  • Staff locker area
  • Receiving & loading dock
  • Shared prep area
  • Staff break room
  • Restrooms
  • Mop wash
  • Access Controlled
  • Lift Connecting two floors
  • Cosy Dine-in Space
  • Self Ordering Kiosk


  • Order pickup & processing
  • Courier handoff
  • Cleaning & maintenance
  • Safety & health inspections
  • Extraction & ventilation
  • Pest Control
  • Waste Disposal
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Wasteline Cleaning
  • Aircn Cleaning
  • Exhaust System Cleaning
  • Fire Protection and Suppression System Maintenance


  • 3 compartment sink
  • Hand sink
  • Commercial hood
  • Power and gas
  • Water heating
  • Grease-trap/interceptor
  • Cold & freezer storage
  • Dry storage


  • Gas points
  • Power outlets
  • High power lighting
  • Cold & hot water lines
  • Gas/fire safety system
  • WiFi
  • Trash / recycle
  • Ethernet connections


One Kitchen; Many Brands

Our shared kitchen empowers you to run multiple brands at a minimal cost.


Innovative way to food creation

At the end of the day, a restaurant is a business; and a business must make enough money to survive. Restaurant owners across Australia have been trying to find innovative and new ways to keep their businesses afloat, especially during the course of a pandemic.


Inefficiency in the traditional restaurant model

With the traditional dine-in restaurant model, your commercial kitchen would be limited to cooking food for customers in the dine-in area and maybe for takeout orders. When the restaurant is closed, the kitchen is left unused - and if raw produce isn’t used in time, it gets thrown out. Countless other inefficiencies in the kitchen model have been accepted as a fact of life for decades - until now. The emergence of shared kitchen rental introduces a transformative approach, enabling a more dynamic and efficient utilisation of kitchen space. This innovation empowers businesses to meet diverse culinary demands while optimising resource usage.


One kitchen for multiple brands

Shared kitchens offer a solution to F&B business owners looking to modernise with shared kitchen rental.  They can even be used to experiment with multiple brands within the umbrella of your business. One single cooking studio can be used for a brand centred around breakfast food, then transition into a more fine-dining restaurant popular in the evenings. At its core, a shared kitchen allows you to use your space in whatever way you desire to get the most value out of it.

/ Virtual Brands

Share more than just the space


All the different brands in your kitchen space could be serving wildly different clientele - but they can still share the same suppliers, equipment, and more. Doubling up on all these different aspects of your food delivery business not only saves money but also a significant amount of time and effort.

While your operator handles all the insurance, licensing, and complicated bureaucratic complications, you’ll be able to take advantage of everything a shared commercial kitchen space has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about shared kitchens

What are shared kitchens?

A shared kitchen is when several restaurant brands use a single kitchen space or cooking studio. They may choose to share suppliers, equipment, and more to make their kitchen processes more streamlined and optimised.

How many brands can I operate out of a single shared-use commercial kitchen?

There is no hard limit on how many brands you can operate out of a single Chef Collective kitchen space. However, we would say there is a sweet spot whereby different brands can share the same equipment and suppliers, without unnecessary complexity that may arise from a huge number of brands and food types.

Can different brands share the same kitchen equipment?

Absolutely. This is one of the key selling points of a shared kitchen space and has helped countless food delivery businesses find success in recent years. While this can definitely help increase your kitchen efficiency, note that certain cuisines may have dietary requirements that sharing equipment could complicate.

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