Move into a virtual brand and watch your delivery sales soar

We've made it our business to help restaurants find success in our virtual brands. Our team of customer growth specialists can help you launch marketing campaigns, optimise your strategies, and organise delivery platforms.

Virtual Brands

Maximise your ROI cooking your food


Streamlined optimisation

Our bespoke consultation services will help capture your customer's attention and convert it to sales.


Maximise exposure

By considering alternative channels and platforms in the market, we can help you boost your restaurant's exposure and increase revenue.


Industry-leading food marketing

While you concentrate on perfecting your food, we'll help craft bespoke campaigns using our data and insights.


Same food, different brands

To maximise your ROI on your virtual kitchen space, we'll help you create more brands based on the same menu.


Food delivery brand creation

Our insights into the local market are invaluable when it comes to creating meaningful brands – so you can stand out from the crowd.

How it Works

Use a virtual kitchen and create your own success

Virtual brands offer modern restaurants the chance to scale, develop, and expand their business in the new norm. Forget inefficient dine-in customers and instead focus on quick, efficient, and highly profitable delivery orders.

We grow brands

We're behind some of the best virtual brands in the world.

Bring your best chefs

Cook the food that makes your brand loved by your customers

They deliver the food

Delivery services like UberEats, Deliveroo, Doordash, Menulog and more deliver for you

We pay you

You won't need to bother paying us rent - instead, we'll send you a weekly cheque with all your earnings.

Tap into the world of dark kitchens

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