February 25, 2022

Top 10 Australian Food Bloggers (KOL) Influencers


Australian food bloggers get over one million unique visits monthly on their sites. Top food KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) have a massive following on social media too.

Owning a ghost kitchen or any F&B business is an exciting venture but it’s such a competitive industry. Staying on top of marketing trends is vital to long-term success. Taking every measure to increase your digital presence will make a big difference and collaborating with food bloggers and influencers is one of the smartest moves you can make.

40% percent of Australians claim they’re more likely to purchase a product or from a brand when they see an influencer posting about it. Therefore, getting endorsed by a leading food influencer in Australia can help your brand gain massive exposure and encourage new customers to try your food.

To help you tap into this business-boosting opportunity, we’ve put together this list of top 10 Australian food bloggers, influencers and KOLs that your restaurant should work with.

1)  Lick Your Phone

Images via lickyourphone.com

Lick Your Phone, Australia’s leading hospitality marketing agency is comprised of experts in eating and masters in marketing! Their innovative approach to social media management has earned them recognition as the Best Social Media Agency, winning 22 prestigious awards.

Founded by Rita, Tiffany, and Katherine, three best friends who turned their passion for food and Instagram into a thriving business, Lick Your Phone has solidified its position as one of the top Australian food influencers. Rita, the founder. was featured in Forbes and has been awarded Woman of the Year & Most Innovative Woman of the Year.With a global community of engaged followers, Lick Your Phone has collaborated with world-favourite foodie brands such as Nutella, Oreo, Grounds of Alexandria, and Bondi Wholefoods. Their expertise in social marketing strategies has been showcased in notable publications, including BBC, Business Insider, Forbes Australia, and Time Out Sydney.

If you’re unsure about how to create engaging content or want to put experts who know how to get results in charge, consider working with Sydney-based social media agency, Lick Your Phone. Their social marketing strategies are curated specifically to increase F&B businesses’ digital and social presence.

 They have a huge following with 453k followers on Instagram and 15k followers on Facebook.

  • Contact details: info@lickyourphone.com, +61 1300 181 311

2)  How to Cook That

Image via howtocookthat.net/

How To Cook That (often stylised as H2CT) is an Australian website and YouTube baking channel that provides video recipes on baking and decorating themed cakes, desserts, chocolate creations, and other confectionery. Launched as a website in 2011 by founder Ann Reardon, it later gained more than 4 million followers on YouTube, surpassing more than 15.3 million video views per month. The channel has been featured in major publications, including Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Ann, the woman behind How to Cook That, has solidified her position as one of the top Australian food influencers with her background as a food scientist and dietitian. Her expertise and creativity have transcended her blog, earning recognition beyond the digital realm. She was showcased on The Morning Show, an Australian talk show, where she shared her culinary insights and even crafted a summer recipe for The Morning Show’s audience.In addition to her online presence, Ann launched her own cookbook titled “How to Cook That: Crazy Sweet Creations (YouTube’s Ann Reardon Cookbook),” further cementing her influence in the culinary world.

She’s grown her position as an Australian food blogger with over 4 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, plus over 191k followers on Instagram and 116k followers on Facebook.

3)  Georgeats

Images via georgeats.com

Georgia McDermott, based in Melbourne, stands out as an adored gluten-free, healthy Australian food blogger. Her blog, Georgeats, predominantly features grain-free, vegan, vegetarian, FODMAP-friendly recipes and food product choices ranging from main dishes to desserts.

For those seeking dependable, delicious recipes suitable for various dietary intolerances, Georgia has authored two cookbooks: “Intolerance-Friendly Kitchen” and “FODMAP Friendly Cookbook.” These cookbooks offer a plethora of recipes tailored to gluten-free, low FODMAP, and vegetarian diets, providing accessible and flavorful options for individuals with dietary restrictions.

Georgia’s dedication to creating inclusive and delicious recipes extends to her blog and social media platforms. Her commitment to intolerance-friendly cooking resonates with individuals struggling with food intolerances and dietary restrictions.

She has over 1.6k followers on Facebook but gets most of her influence on Instagram with over 156k followers, establishing herself as one of the prominent Australian food influencers.

  • Contact details: georgiaruby@live.com

4)  Jacqueline Alwill

Images via thebrownpaperbag.com.au

Jacqueline Alwill, the accredited nutritionist and Australian food blogger behind Brown Paper Nutrition, has emerged as a prominent figure in the realm of healthy eating and wellness. Specialising in childhood nutrition and wholesome food choices, Jacqueline’s platform offers a wealth of blog posts covering food, nutrition, lifestyle, and recipes.Her journey, marked by personal struggles with disordered eating, underscores her dedication to promoting positive relationships with food and holistic well-being. In addition to her online presence, Jacqueline has authored the ebook “Health on a Budget,” featuring 65+ nutritiously wholesome, delicious, and budget-friendly recipes to support health and financial balance. Since its inception in 2012 as a Facebook page sharing healthy recipes and nutrition insights, Brown Paper Nutrition has evolved into a comprehensive resource for nourishing recipes and wellness advice. Jacqueline’s commitment to empowering individuals to prioritise their health shines through her work, fostering a supportive community centred on holistic wellness.

Brown Paper Nutrition’s social channels boast an impressive 88k followers on Instagram and over 14k followers on Facebook.

  • Contact details: grace@22.com.au

5)  Iron Chef Shellie

Image via ironchefshellie.com

Iron Chef Shellie, led by Melbourne-based Shellie Froidevaux, represents a multifaceted approach to the culinary world. Shellie is not only a passionate food enthusiast but also a recipe developer, food stylist, photographer, graphic designer, and cook. Her dedication to food is evident in her creative endeavours, travel experiences, and meticulous curation of styling props.

With a commitment to exploring the most delicious and inspiring culinary temptations, Shellie’s work transcends geographical boundaries. Shellie shares her culinary adventures, lifestyle insights, and travel escapades through her platform.Shellie’s culinary journey also includes the release of her celebrated cookbook, “Cabin Fever Cookbook,” which offers over 100 recipes and 20 meal plans inspired by the cabins of Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. The cookbook, available on Google Books and Apple Books, reflects Shellie’s genuine passion for creating delightful culinary experiences and celebrates the joy of sharing food with loved ones.

She boasts a significant following on Instagram (40k) and Facebook (over 2k), where her mouth-watering images and engaging content captivate her audience.

  • Contact details: shellie@ironchefshellie.com, +61 422 989 064

6)  The World Loves Melbourne

Image via theworldlovesmelbourne.com

The World Loves Melbourne stands as a premier online destination for everything Melbourne, offering comprehensive insights into the city’s vibrant culinary scene. Founded by David Hagger, a digital creator dedicated to helping food enthusiasts discover the finest experiences in Melbourne since 2011, The World Loves Melbourne provides invaluable food reviews and recommendations.Alongside David, the team includes Australian food influencers Sam, Dan, and Zoe, who collectively share their expertise in food, travel, and lifestyle content. With a commitment to showcasing the best that Melbourne has to offer, The World Loves Melbourne invites readers to explore its website, theworldlovesmelbourne.com, for a curated selection of restaurant reviews, culinary tips, and insider recommendations.

Its website receives 90k visitors monthly and further solidifies its influencer standing on social media with over 38k followers on Instagram and over 4k followers on Facebook.. 

  • Contact details: david@theworldlovesmelbourne.com

7)  RecipeTin Eats

Images via recipetineats.com

Everyone loves Nagi, the cook and foodie behind RecipeTin Eats. Her blog and posts reflect her philosophy on food and cooking—that it should be “fast, creative, clever and fresh.”

Based in Sydney, Australia, Nagi draws inspiration from her travels and upbringing, crafting recipes that span global cuisines using everyday ingredients. Her cookbook titled “RecipeTinR Eats Cookbook: Dinner,” has garnered significant acclaim. Awarded Australian Book of the Year and featured on the New York Times Best Sellers list, the cookbook offers over 130 recipes and 44 extras, reflecting Nagi’s culinary philosophy. From everyday meals to special treats for festive occasions, the book encompasses diverse cuisines and dietary preferences. With each recipe meticulously tested and accompanied by helpful notes, “Dinner” promises to revolutionise home cooking. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, Nagi’s cookbook is a must-have for anyone passionate about flavourful, accessible meals.

Joining forces with her means getting access to her 818k followers on Instagram and 3.5 million followers on Facebook.

  • Contact details: nagi.maehashi@gmail.com

8)  Spooning Australia

Images via spooningaustralia.com

Jason King, the creator of Spooning Australia, loves food and has established quite a following with his creative and informative restaurant reviews, recipes and food commentary.

With over 30 years of photography experience, Jason’s expertise shines through in his close-up food shots and splash shots, capturing the essence of each dish and venue. He combines his passion for photography with social media management, employing organic strategies to authentically engage audiences. Jason’s portfolio boasts over 2000 dishes photographed across 200 venues, showcasing his love for Japanese, Thai, and pub grub cuisines, making him one of Australia’s top Australian food influencers.

Spooning Australia’s social channels received over 22k followers on Instagram and more than 2.8k followers on Facebook.

  • Contact details: jk@spooningaustralia.com, +61 411 730 210

9)  Donna Hay

Images via donnahay.com.au

Australian food KOL and influencer Donna Hay has an impressive background that includes authoring award-winning cookbooks, her own Australian bi-monthly food magazine, starring in a popular TV series, and many more.

Donna Hay’s illustrious career includes serving as Editor-in-Chief of Donna Hay Magazine, a bi-monthly publication launched in 2001 that garnered widespread acclaim. Despite its closure after 100 issues in July 2018, the magazine left an indelible mark on the culinary world. Additionally, Hay’s expertise extended to her roles as Food Editor for Marie Claire magazine’s Australian launch, as well as her tenure as Food Editor at The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, where her culinary insights and creativity further enriched the gastronomic landscape.

Her influence runs deep with 359k followers on Instagram, over 630k followers on Facebook and a massive following on Pinterest and YouTube.

  • Contact details: partnerships@donnahay.com, +61 9167 8897

10) Burgers Of Melbourne

Image via burgersofmelbourne.com.au

As the name implies, the Melbourne-based foodie dedicates his work to eating, photographing and reviewing burgers all around his city. Burgers of Melbourne was also voted as one of the best food blogs and social media influencers in Australia.

Since June 2014, Burgers of Melbourne has been actively exploring numerous burger joints, capturing the essence of Melbourne’s burger scene. Recently recognised as one of Australia’s top food blogs and social media influencers, they have been featured on 3AW693 News Talk and FOX Hit 101.9. Burgers of Melbourne continues to celebrate the city’s culinary delights through its captivating content and reviews.

Burgers of Melbourne has over 54k followers on Instagram.

  • Contact details: request@burgersofmelbourne.com.au

If you have any questions about working with top Australian food bloggers and KOLs or would like more information about owning and operating your own ghost kitchen, fill out the form below!

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