August 26, 2022

10 Best Healthy Food Delivery in Australia


When looking at the Major Australia Food Trends of 2022, some trends that stand out are the burgeoning use of online food & grocery delivery, the popularity of wholesome plant-based diets, and the desire for transparency of ingredients in food consumed. Healthy food delivery in Australia fuses these 3 aspects together into a single solution. Take a look at our compiled list below for healthy food delivery services that will certainly provide the healthy food you need–the way you want it!

Price Range
1Youfoodz4.5⭐(14,110)$7.74 – $10.60 per meal
2Hello Fresh4.0⭐ ‎(11,512)$7.99 – $10.99 per meal
3Lite n’ Easy4.4⭐ ‎(6,229)$22.9 – $30 per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack)
4My Muscle Chef4.5⭐(2,482)$99.95 for 15 items (7 meals, 4 snacks & drinks)
5Soulara4.2⭐(659)$9.10 – $12.30 per meal
6Chefgood4.4⭐ (341)Everyday Wellness: $10.45-$11.90 per meal
Weightloss (Slim & Trim): $9.95-$11.50 per meal
7Macros3.7⭐(358)$9.65 – $11.85 per meal
8Thr1ve3.6⭐(243)$9.95 – $15.95 per meal
9Dietlicious3.8⭐(46)Plans: Includes 3 meals & 2 snacks per day!
5 days: $125-$260
7 days: $205-$335
10 days: $350
10Eat Fit Food 3.8⭐(39)Lunch & Dinner/Dinner only: from $12.6 per meal
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: from $10.70 per meal

#1. Youfoodz

Source: Youfoodz website

Out of all the options listed, Youfoodz is the most affordable option! With its size (as one of the biggest providers in Australia) and great reputation, Youfoodz has emerged as a leading service provider in the healthy food delivery market in Australia. 

Like the other providers listed, they also remain committed to using fresh local produce and supporting sustainable food practices. However, what sets them apart is their low cost, which is enhanced by their regular deals and promotion that can bring down the price to as low as $6.55 per meal. Give Youfoodz a shot today!

  • Details: Website & Menu
  • Social Media: Facebook & Instagram
  • Contact: Tel (+07 3633 0708) & Email
  • Price Range: Minimum spend of $49 per order
    • Bundles: $7.74-$10.60 per meal
      • Bestsellers: $95.55 for 9 meals
      • Weight Loss: $69.65 for 9 meals
      • Best of Both: $82.65 for 9 meals
      • FUEL’D High Protein Bundle: $83.65 for 9 meals
    • A-la-carte:
      • Breakfast: $4.95-$8.95.
      • Lunch & Dinner: $9.95.
      • Large Range: $12.95-$38.85.
      • Sandwiches: $6.95.
      • Snacks: $2.99-$4.95.

#2. Hello Fresh


Hello Fresh allows you to enjoy healthy food delivered with ultimate flexibility! Without a minimum commitment period, you can jump between meal plans, and skip or pause weeks as you like. This way, you can fully experience Hello Fresh’s over 25 fresh recipes each week! 

#3. Lite n’ Easy

Source: Lite n’ Easy Website

Lite n’ Easy aims to make things easy—easy to eat well, easy to lose weight & easy to stay healthy. And it’s working: for the third year running, Lite n’ Easy is the No. 1 Canstar Blue’s ‘Healthy Meal Delivery’ services!

But, it doesn’t just stop there. Don’t forget to check out the co-funded meal options! Lite n’ Easy is working together with the Australian government to ensure Australians under NDIS and Home Care Package can afford to eat heartily!

#4. My Muscle Chef

Source: My Muscle Chef Blog

According to Product Review, My Muscle Chef is the #1 Food Delivery Service for the past 5 years! If you want to get freshly prepared high protein meals delivered right to your doorstep, then My Muscle Chef is the perfect service for you!

  • Details: Website & Menu
  • Social Media: Facebook & Instagram
  • Contact: Tel (1300 364 993)
  • Price Range: $99.95 for 15 items (7 meals, 4 snacks & 4 drinks)

#5. Soulara


For our Vegan friends out there, Soulara is a food option you should take note of! Providing some of the most affordable yet scrumptious vegan meals (some below $10), Soulara is a convenient avenue for those wanting to start out on a vegan diet.


#6. Chefgood


At its core, Chefgood wishes to provide a healthy alternative to the existing food options that prioritise convenience over health. The meals provided are made from locally sourced ingredients and made by local chefs in Melbourne. 

With Chefgood’s flexible plans, you can take your pick! Choose how many meals or the type of plan that suits you.

  • Details: Website & Menu
  • Social Media: Facebook & Instagram
  • Contact: Tel (1300 911 595) & Email
  • Price Range: Depends on the meal plan. 
    • Everyday Wellness: $10.45-$11.90 per meal
    • Weightloss (Slim & Trim): $9.95-$11.50 per meal

#7. Macros

Source: Macros FB

Why Macros? Simply put, they offer tailor-made meal plans for all needs using fresh ingredients, high in proteins and carbs. Under the two umbrella categories of everyday and fitness plans, there is a selection for everyone–from those with families to those aiming for weight loss or building muscle mass!

#8. Thr1ve

Source: Thr1ve FB

With the mission of creating “clean, nourishing and delicious food”, Thr1ve has committed to the following: using fresh seasonal ingredients and avoiding produce cultivated with chemical use. Besides their commitment to using the best ingredients, the nutritionist-approved meal plans also guarantee that the food will taste as good as they are nutritious!

With a diverse range of meals, from intermittent fasting and keto, to accelerated weight loss options, there will surely be one perfect for you!

  • Details: Website & Menu
  • Social Media: Facebook & Instagram
  • Contact: Tel (1300 841 870) & Email
  • Price Range:
    • Individual Meals: $9.95-$15.95
    • Meal Plans: Varies with Plan type and Number of meals

#9. Dietlicious

Source: Dietlicious Website

Dietlicious offers a wide range of dishes and flexible plans that are sure to cater to everyone–choose one of their many plans or build your own one today! Also, with their loyalty program, you can accumulate points from different avenues, such as making an order or sharing on Facebook, which can eventually be used to redeem exclusive rewards. Start your journey with Dietlicious!

  • Details: Website & Menu
  • Social Media: Facebook & Instagram
  • Contact: Tel (1300 131 070) & Email: 
  • Price Range:
    • Individual Meals
      • Breakfast: $2.50-$7.50
      • Lunch: $7.50-$13.90
      • Dinner: $7.50-$13.90
      • Salad: $9.90-$13.90
      • Snacks: $2.50-$4
    • Meal Plans (3 meals & 2 snacks per day) 
      • Build-Your-own-Plan: according to preference
      • Cleanse: 5 days-$175; 10 days-$350
      • Fast 800 Calorie (7 days): $205-$215
      • 1200 calories: 5 days-$190; 7 days-$260
      • 1500 calories: 5 days-$210; 7 days-$295
      • 1800 calories: 5 days-$240; 7 days-$335
      • Over 40’s Diet (7 days): $260
      • Keto Friendly (7 days): $215
      • Gut Health (5 days): $125


#10. Eat Fit Food 


Not forgetting those that require gluten-free options, here we have Eat Fit Food! Eat Fit Food strikes the perfect balance between food preparation and production: From selecting ingredients produced sustainably and free from toxic chemical use to employing the latest food technology, food is made with utmost care at every step of the way.

  • Details: Website & Menu
  • Social Media: Facebook & Instagram
  • Contact: Tel (1300 681 618) & Email
  • Price Range:
    • Dinner only: Starts at $88 per week
    • Lunch & Dinner only: Starts at $176 per week
    • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: Starts at $225 per week

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