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What are Dark Kitchens?

Dark kitchens are commercial F&B facilities designed and built for preparing food specifically for delivery and takeaways. They are also known as Ghost kitchens and CloudKitchens. Chef Collective kitchens are located in Coorparoo, Brisbane, North Melbourne, and Artamon, Sydney.


Focus on What You Love

We're here to help you succeed. so we're all about making your life as easy as possible. Focus on what you love doing and leave the rest to us.



Streamline all of your delivery orders onto one tablet. Access data at your fingertips!


Facility Management

Cleaning, maintenance, waste collection and security - all included!



Your kitchen comes pre-installed with major infrastructure.


Utility & Insurance

We’ll save you thousands with our utilities and insurance options.


Real Estate

Designed to ensure maximum efficiency at minimal cost.



Orders are delivered faster and more accurately, thanks to our on-site fulfillment team.

The Future of Australia's Food Scene

Food delivery traffic is at its highest with 40% growth since January 2020, and it will not stop here. Grow your food business quickly with minimal effort, risk and time commitment using CloudKitchens® across Australia.

What makes us better than brick-and-mortar restaurants

Real Estate

Avoid paying huge rents for huge dine-in areas that you don't need to operate.

Delivery kitchen

16-25 sqm

Traditional Restaurant

200 sqm


Work with a much smaller team while we provide onsite support staff to help you run more smoothly.

Delivery kitchen

1-3 people

Traditional Restaurant

30 people


We have a much smaller startup cost so you can start seeing profits and results faster.

Delivery kitchen

$23k AU$

Traditional Restaurant

$1m AU$

Weeks to launch

We'll handle all the complex construction, permits, and bureaucratic matters. Simply move in and start cooking.

Delivery kitchen

3 weeks

Traditional Restaurant

48 weeks

To break even

In a dark kitchen, it only takes 6 months with 10% profit margins on a $1M run rate to break even.

Delivery kitchen

6 months

Traditional Restaurant

5 years

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The Word on the Street

Trusted by many F&B brands in Australia


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