October 04, 2023

Top 3 Technological Trends to Boost the Food Delivery Scene

Ever since the pandemic started, an increasing number of Australian restaurants have been channelling resources into the food delivery market, hoping to stand out amidst the surging competition. Many local restaurants are turning to innovative technologies to elevate service efficiency and quality, all aiming to improve the overall dining experience for customers.

In the face of the changing landscape of the food and beverage scene, leveraging these modern technologies becomes the cornerstone for success. The traditional restaurant dining experience is rapidly changing, and a new era of restaurant and F&B technology is upon us. ChefCollective breaks down three of the hottest tech trends for you. Dive in to get a grasp on what’s shaping the industry’s future and be ready to ride the wave.

Trending tech (1): comprehensive upgrades to food delivery apps

Australia’s online food delivery sector has witnessed a booming growth trajectory, with many food delivery platforms becoming household names. This trend, although popular worldwide, has taken a unique flavour in Australia, due to its rich culinary diversity and tech-savvy populace. To satisfy the Australians’ appetite for diverse cuisines, these platforms are in an ongoing upgrade mode, constantly introducing new features, broadening their culinary scope, connecting with local restaurants, and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Such platforms are not just a win for customers. They’re opening up new paths for the F&B industry, especially restaurants that had to limit their dine-in options due to health guidelines and COVID-19 restrictions. Over the recent past, we’ve seen many Australian restaurants shift gears and re-strategise, putting the spotlight on the food delivery market to generate revenue and sustain their businesses.

Trending tech (2): contactless payments – the new norm 

By February 2023, Australia has seen a notable spike in the adoption of digital payments, nearly 50% of the Australian population used online payment methods. With digital wallets, e-payments, and the increasing use of tap-and-go credit card payments, Australians are switching their payment methods. The pandemic has only accelerated this shift, with many prioritising contactless payments over traditional cash, citing the hygiene and convenience the method brings. Especially when ordering from their favourite food app, the ease of prepayment eliminates the need for exact change or waiting for the card machine. It streamlines the whole dining-at-home experience, creating a win-win situation by offering more convenience to customers and helping restaurants speed up their service.

Trending tech (3): tablet POS systems for streamlined operations

With the evolving business landscape and shifts in the way Australians dine, many restaurants are now integrating technology into their daily operations. A prominent trend is the integration of Point-of-Sale (POS) systems with tablets.. In 2020 and 2021, a significant number of restaurants in Australia adopted this tech combination, with an average of 625 e-transactions being made. This adoption helps restaurant managers oversee everything from reservations to inventory, all stored on cloud platforms. Such systems not only assist the restaurant business in data storage but also in accessing real-time insights to optimise their services. For the kitchen crew, this means a more straightforward process with clear order details, ensuring accuracy in preparation and delivery.

These digital strategies are not just about cost-saving or streamlining. They are fundamental to establishing long-term profitability and keeping Australian restaurants competitive on the global stage.

Keen on tapping into the food delivery sector but unsure of the starting point?

For those in the Australian food sector, staying ahead means adapting to these dynamic changes and embracing the tech-driven trends shaping our industry. If you’re feeling unsure amidst all these rapid shifts, worry not! With its knowledge of the Australian market, ChefCollective offers the perfect platform to help you navigate the waters, ensuring you’re set for success in the industry.

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