Our virtual kitchen locations in Australia

Chef Collective’s goal is to provide the next generation of F&B business owners with the tools needed to thrive in the modern economy. We hope to make this happen through a selection of premium virtual kitchen spaces here in Australia that allow restaurants to operate in spaces perfectly optimized for fulfilling delivery orders.

We have virtual kitchen spaces reside on Cambridge Street in Brisbane and Arden Street in Melbourne (coming soon). Read more to find out why we chose this area for our virtual kitchens and how it can help your business prosper.

#1 – Cambridge Street in Brisbane


Address: 88 Cambridge St, Coorparoo QLD 4151

District: Coorparoo

Number of kitchen units: 29


#2 – Arden Street (Coming Soon)


Address: 350-354 Arden St, Kensington 3031, Melbourne

District: Arden Street

Number of kitchen units: 32

Why Cambridge Street?

Tucked away in a quieter neighbourhood area, Cambridge Street resides in the Coorparoo suburb in Brisbane. Only 4km away from the central business district and home to over 16,000 residents, the area is prime for a delivery-focused kitchen.

A nice, thriving local community in Coorparoo and nearby suburbs means that opening a virtual kitchen on Cambridge street opens your restaurant up to a whole new pool of customers you previously could not cater to.

Position your business near the heart of Brisbane and start seeing delivery orders flow in like never before.

More locations on the horizon

As we grow and the delivery industry continues to prosper, more locations will open up across key cities and districts in Australia. Get in touch with us or check this page for more updates when new locations open.

What are the advantages of a virtual kitchen solution?

Virtual kitchens represent a shift in the food and beverage industry. Because of several factors, more and more people are ordering food from home – and COVID has only pushed this change forwards even faster.

By opening a virtual kitchen with Chef Collective, you will be at the forefront of the food-delivery revolution, positioning your business and allowing it to receive far more orders from a larger pool of customers. Virtual kitchens allow you to cut down on unnecessary expenditures related to dine-in restaurants like front of house staff, costly permits, renovation work and more. We at Chef Collective will take care of the rest, meaning our virtual kitchens are a turnkey solution ready for you to move in.

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