April 19, 2024

Why Are Restaurants Choosing Centralised Kitchens in Australia?

With the Australian consumer food service industry valued at A$56 billion (US$40 billion) in 2022 and projected to reach US$31.3 billion by 2030, the demand for food service in Australia is steadily increasing, with an annual growth rate of 4.5%.

Alongside traditional dining experiences, the popularity of platforms like Deliveroo and Uber Eats has surged, allowing customers to enjoy their favourite meals at home. This trend has heightened the importance of industry players to stay competitive.

To meet the growing demand, many establishments, including major restaurant chains, are adopting centralised kitchens for food preparation. But what exactly do these centralised kitchens involve? Let’s explore their significance in more detail.

What’s a central production kitchen?

A central production kitchen, also known as a central production unit (CPU), is a cooking area used to prepare meals or ingredients before sending them to different locations to serve customers. These kitchens are essential for restaurant chains of all sizes, from casual eateries to fancy restaurants.

It’s important to understand that central production kitchens are different from cloud kitchens for rent, where food is prepared, packaged, and delivered directly to customers. Central kitchens are exclusively used by restaurants to prepare all their food in one place, which is then distributed to multiple branches.

Interested in why restaurants choose centralised production? Let’s explore the benefits of using a central production kitchen!

1. Keeping food quality the same

One big plus of using a central kitchen is making sure the food quality stays the same at all your restaurants. Having the same tasty food at every place is really important. Even if you use recipes and train your chefs well, any differences in how they work can show in the food. So, if you want your food quality to be consistent everywhere, a central kitchen might be just what you need.

2. Cutting expensive costs

Running a chain of restaurants comes with big bills like paying staff, covering day-to-day expenses, and renting spaces. In Australia, finding and renting commercial properties can be tough and pricey. Many cities don’t have enough good spots for restaurants, which makes growing hard.

Central kitchens help by letting restaurant owners bring all their kitchen work together in one place. This means they don’t have to rent lots of different spaces, which saves money on rent. Plus, they don’t need as many staff or have to spend as much on keeping up with equipment in multiple kitchens.

3. Beating kitchen space problems

Sometimes, big plans to expand restaurants get stuck because the kitchens are too small or not set up well. In Australia, renting the right place for a restaurant can be expensive, especially in busy cities. This means the kitchens in those places might not be big enough or well-designed for a growing business.

But there’s a solution: renting commercial kitchens made just for the food industry all over Australia. These kitchens can be changed to fit what businesses need so they can grow. With practical and efficient facilities, these rentals help businesses expand and do well in Australia’s competitive market.

4. Boosting business efficiency

Efficiency isn’t just about cooking well; central kitchens help businesses work better in many ways:

  • Making it easier to buy and organise things in one place.
  • Needing less time and money to maintain kitchens.
  • Improving communication between main offices and storage places.
  • Managing supplies better and cutting down on waste.
  • Training chefs and making sure they do their job well.
  • Coming up with new menu ideas and putting them into action more quickly.

5. Solving chef shortages across the country

Finding enough chefs is a big problem in the food industry. But having a central kitchen can make it easier to deal with. With a central kitchen, you don’t need as many really skilled chefs to handle complicated cooking tasks. This means you can hire fewer of them. And for the chefs working in the restaurants, their jobs are simpler because they just need to heat up and serve the food prepared centrally.

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