Whiting Street, Artarmon, Sydney

15 Whiting St, Artarmon NSW, Sydney

At the lower North Shore of Sydney, our Artarmon dark kitchens are strategically located to cater to a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. With the huge food delivery demand in Artarmon, it is the best place to start your restaurant business and double your sales.

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A cluster of restaurants in the north of Sydney

Our 28 kitchens in Artarmon caters to over 5.3 million from around North Sydney, Whiting Street. Perfect for brands of all cuisines, this neighbourhood is demanding for more food delivery.


High demand but low supply

Lots of nearby residents and drivers within a close radius


Huge Asian community

Asian community hotspots are within delivery range


Private school student population

Lots of students who embrace food delivery as part of their routine


High median income suburbs

Higher income suburbs with huge delivery order opportunity

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15 Whiting St, Artarmon NSW, Sydney

Over 242,835 residents in the North Sydney with more than 120,480 households in Artarmont. All within a short ride away, riders can deliver your favourite food to the customers' doorsteps with Chef Collective in Whiting Street and help you skyrocket your sales.


within 15 minutes drive of facility


within the area


Medium family income

  • 279,721 residents in the area
  • Only 669 restaurants in the area
  • Outreach to 98,979 hungry students
  • Serve 75 km square area

Kitchen types


Large kitchen

~230 sq ft

Our large kitchens are designed specifically to meet the needs of restaurants who have bigger menu listing, and multi-national F&B chains. It has enough room to house 5 to 6 staff working together at the same time.

Suitable cuisine


Chinese food


Western Fast food


Asian Food


Standard kitchen

~150 sq ft

Standard kitchens is our favourite, fast selling kitchen size as it has enough room for short term growth but without too much risk either. These are the ideal spaces for most food delivery businesses.

Suitable cuisine


Chinese Food


Asian Food


Western Food


Small base kitchen

~100 sq ft

Small kitchen sizes are suitable for small menu, or beverage F&B businesses as it requires lesser room and thus also having lesser risk. It's also perfect for entrepreneurs who want to experiment their cuisine idea at the lowest budget.

Suitable cuisine


Western Fast food




Asian Food

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